If you have a teenager at home who has recently got a driver’s license, then you must worry. A study has found that car accidents are the number one cause of death for teens. It is because teenagers are inexperienced. They also take high risks while driving, despite being aware of the rules and laws.

Although your teenage kid will hopefully not get into a car accident, it is better to prepare them if they find themselves in an accident one day. Here are some easy steps you can take as a responsible parent to help your kids get prepared.

Ask Them to Be Calm

As a teenager, it will be a natural reaction for them to panic when involved in a car accident. This can lead them to make mistakes, which can prove costly later. For example, they might be afraid of your reaction and try to modify the accident scene, lie to you, and tamper with evidence. This can cause legal problems later, and then even the best car accident attorney can’t help you in the court of law.

As a parent, ask them to calm down, assure them that everything is okay and there is no need to worry. Similarly, ask them not to do anything on their own unless asked by the first responders.

Have a Safety Kit in the Car

Be prepared for such situations and have an emergency and first aid kit in their car. Also, teach them about the steps they need to take in case of an accident. Additionally, teach them how to administer first aid to themselves and others. This can prove useful in case medical professionals take time to arrive at the accident scene.

You can also have the car registration number, insurance number, and other important information written on a pad and keep it in their car. This can help them provide accurate information to emergency services personnel.

Teach Them to Prioritize Safety

After an accident has occurred, it should be the topmost priority to ascertain their and others’ safety. Here are some tips that you can share with them.

  • Ask them to call 911 and inform the police irrespective of whether the accident is severe or not.
  • Put on the hazard light ASAP.
  • Move the car to the side of the road and move away from active traffic.
  • Administer first aid if necessary.
  • Check on your co-passengers and others involved in the accident.

Have Them Gather Information

Once your teen is safe, ask them to record as much information about the accident scene as possible. The information should also be noted down as quickly as possible. Some details they need to note down include:

  • The other driver’s name, vehicle type, license number, and other related details
  • Pictures of the car showing the extent and the cause of the damage
  • Pictures of the injured persons and other people involved in the accident

File an Official Report

lawyer in his office

Once the police have arrived and conducted their preliminary investigation, ask your teen to file an official report about the accident. Have them provide as many details about the accident as possible. Additionally, ask them to answer the questions asked accurately and in detail.

Once the report filing is completed and the officer has asked to leave, only then should your kid leave the accident spot.

Seek Medical Attention

If your kid or others are injured in the accident, ask them to seek medical assistance as soon as possible. Have a thorough examination at a hospital to check for any unnoticed injuries, internal and external. Seeking the help of a medical professional after an accident can also prove helpful in determining whether to make a legal claim or not.

If you have medical insurance, contact the insurance company for claims, if required.

Contact the Auto Insurance Company

Next, you will need to contact the auto insurance company to report the accident. This will help claim money for repairs and replacement of the car’s parts. Most insurance companies provide an online claims filing facility. You can upload the details, pictures, and other information related to the accident, file for a claim, and even track the application’s status right from the comfort of your home.

Having your teenage kid involved in a car accident is unfortunate. However, most likely, it seems inevitable based on statistics and trends. So, it is better to prepare and inform them of the steps they need to take in such cases. By following the steps mentioned above, your teen kid can easily handle and get out of a car accident.

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