Although it may not seem like it, traumatic brain injuries cause serious health problems to the victim. The brain injuries occur in infants, children, and adults irrespective of the gender. The effects of the injury alter the behavior and development of an individual. Brain injury attorneys in Los Angeles work with victims to get compensation for the injuries. The long-term effects, however, affect the victim’s family and those around them. These long-term effects include:

Physical Impact

Usually, the effects of brain injuries will depend on the severity of the injury. Severe injuries on the brain tend to cause seizures, swallowing problems, hormonal imbalance, and sleep disorders. Other effects include fatigue, pain, and physical paralysis. The victim may experience these effects instantly after the injury but can last longer depending on how severe the injury was.

Speech, Vision, and Hearing

It is common for brain injury victims to experience blurry vision, slurred speech, and hearing loss. The other issues that may arise include problems with the five senses of the body including touch. Unlike the physical effects, it may take a while for these effects to occur.

Cognitive Difficulties

These problems include decreased focus, memory problems, and slow processing. The victim might also find it difficult to carry out tasks that include planning and other executive roles. These difficulties also take time before they can surface in victims.

Although you cannot reverse brain injuries, you can minimize the extent of damage that the injury will have on the victim. A number of the ways to lower further injury and occurrence of long-term effects include:


The brain tends to swell after experiencing a brain injury. Diuretics work by reducing the quantity of the fluid in a human body. Administering diuretics to a victim will reduce the fluid quantity and therefore relieve the brain of excess pressure which could be damaging.

Anti-Seizure Medicine

Among the instant consequences of brain injury are seizures. Prolonged seizures will induce more brain damage to the victim. As a result, anti-seizure drugs which work by stopping the seizures prevent further brain damage in the victim.

Coma Inducing Medicine

Practitioners administer medicine that induces the state of coma in patients who are in critical conditions. The drugs cause the victim to enter into a coma. That way, their brain ceases to function to perform body activities. Therefore, these drugs help the brain from experiencing further damage.

After the patient is out of danger, practitioners can perform brain surgery to lower the extent of brain damage. The surgery may include splitting the head open to relieve pressure or eliminating blood clots. The surgeon can also repair fractures in the skull to prevent further damage. Individuals who have sustained critical brain injuries can benefit from rehabilitation efforts.


a brain injury

The rehabilitation aims in causing the victim to relearn the activities that were simple tasks before the injury. These tasks range from simple walking, thinking, and eating. The rehabilitation experts that work with brain injury survivors include neuropsychologists, physical therapists, and occupational therapists. The recovery may take weeks, months, or years. Extreme cases of brain injuries require lifetime care.

Traumatic brain injuries have both short and long term adverse effects on the victims. When the injury arises due to another party’s negligence and recklessness, they should be responsible for their actions. Hiring a brain injury attorney in Los Angeles will help you in getting the deserved compensation after suffering from brain injury.

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