gathering discussion

How To Handle Conflict During Family Gatherings

Family is one of the things that makes life worthwhile. They can be such a source of joy, happiness, comfort and encouragement, love, and life. And while the family is…

Business handshake

Why You Should Have Contracts Set Up for Your Media Business

Just like in any other business, contracts are done to protect the client, the supplier, and everyone involved in the transaction. While a verbal agreement seems to be okay between…


Making Amicable Settlements: Dealing With Marital Conflicts

All marriages go through tough times. It is an inevitable experience that most couples will face at one point or another in their relationship. However, the question is not if…

couple in divorce counseling

Four Things That Happen After Divorce

The divorce rate in the United States is high but isn’t as high as before. Nowadays, only about¬†41% of marriages end in divorce, which can vary from state to state.…

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