Separated parents concept

Co-Parenting: Four Effective Communication Tips for Ex-Couples

When married couples decide to get a divorce, one problem that surely stresses them out is how they are going to take care of the kids now. Co-parenting is the…

Understanding the legal side of startups

Getting to Know the Laws Behind Startups

Understanding the fundamentals of launching a successful business is essential to building a successful startup. The success of any company, regardless of size or type, relies heavily on the knowledge…

lawyers' discussion

Four Employment Laws Your Company Needs to Know

Employment law is a complex and ever-changing field. It can be difficult to keep track of all the changes, let alone know which ones apply to your specific company. This…

law and order

A criminal solicitor for all three types of criminal offence

A criminal offence can be classified into three different categories: summary offences, either-way offences or indictable offences. The type of offence determines in which court your case will be heard.…

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